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Through work in the private & public sectors, our aim is to alter the negative perceptions of graffiti and Street art through quality murals and other painted commissions and projects that engage businesses and communities.

Working with us is simple: it's a question of getting in touch! We can more than likely accommodate your requirements and we can provide a detailed itemised cost breakdown once we know more about those requirements. From gathering safety equipment, materials and machinery — we have the contacts and experience to take care of it all…


We love colour!

You do too? Why not get in touch to see if we can brighten up your space!

The Hall of Fame


As a completely legal and free space to use, anyone can visit the HoF to paint whenever they like. To reach the site, follow the A500 to the Kidsgrove exit, where you can drop off equipment in the unnamed road. It's worth noting that this small area isn't a legal parking area, and you may be liable to a ticket. Follow the public footpath around back towards the A500 where you will reach the underpass.


We ask you politely to follow the HoF rules whenever present on site:

Treat this area with respect!
No sexism. No racism.
Please take home your litter / empties.
Leave your ego at home, too.
Call 999 in an emergency!