Entrepreneurs Network


Along with printing, graffiti murals and the gallery — we also undertake and offer services on a range of special projects. These projects fall in line with our mission of being catalysts of street culture, but don't necessarily fit into our other activity streams.


Special projects

We have worked with a number of local, regional and national partners on a series of projects that lean on our varied skillsets.



Working with Partners in Creative Learning, we provided creative consultation and design services for their Room With a Viewpoint project.


45rpm x js

As part of the 45RPM Arts Council England supported exhibition, we teamed up 45 with Jasmine Simpson to produce a limited edition range of ceramics.


older women rock

Keele University commissioned us to help the Older Women Rock exhibition and activity gain attention through the use of a large window design.

Fashion photography


We teamed up with local photographer Robyn Clarke and stylist Jade Washington to produce a series of lookbooks as part of our 51–53 store promotion.


On location

In studio



51-53 was a retail store selling streetwear, footwear, skateboarding hardware, graffiti paint and artists supplies. It was the foundation of our business, and provided an entry point for individuals to interact with street culture at any level — and enabled us to move forward with other projects outside of retail also.


We renovated the building over the course of 3 months, and art directed the interior design working alongside a number of talented designers, makers and tradesmen to realise a fresh vision for retail in the city.